"Personified B-L-A-H. Mx advocate athletic damsel. Asiance blogger, volunteer, and insurgent. Vivid taste of Scorpion sting. Pristine water nymph of Salmacis cream. Bollywood lamb trapped in a lion's body. Some say I'm provocative transsexual woman with brains and looks, and I'm always up for trying new. 


Bindass model, sultry and dare-to-bare describes me best. An outrageous package of boldness, wisdom and glamour stunt and hungry for harmonizing efficiency, savvy systems and life hacks. The Philippine “dream cover” I am talking about is the one which effortlessly beautiful. It's the kind that makes you yearn to belong to signature model. It's something when you don't feel like eating, sleeping or doing anything. A lot young coming up who love to dare and look sexy but I don't see them as a threat. Excellence changes and so I've to be WOW all the time. It's just that I have to be a better version.


The devil is in the details, but so is a chorus of angels. By fine-tuning "the little things", I can take efforts from "meh" to "magical". I have been working on this conceptualization from past years and it had been a painful experience for me. But that does not stop me to dream, though on the other hand, I am happy. Thanks to all those criticisms, I will have fans now. Yes obviously. I never wanted my book to be a bachacha stuff. On the flip side, some of us have fallen prey to debilitating perfectionism. It's okay to make some mistakes along the way. Boo or ovate, anyone has any right, either. That's what the learning process is all about. Upbeat.


I feel that I have the potential to do what others did in their time. I am very confident that I will soon make a place for myself. I adore Heidi Klum, Sophia Loren, and Marilyn Monroe. We may finally screw up the courage to talk about our deepest fears or reveal our buried brilliance!


Put your joint efforts on display! Fierce and love.

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